Ordering Process


Although this process may vary slightly according to the type and quantity of product you order, it will generally follow the same pattern for branded products.

1. Request a Quotation

First, you will need to obtain a quote for the product you desire. We need to know the type of product you want, size, quantity and print specifications. The simplest way to give us this information is to submit the Request a Quotation Form (found in the Products pages). As you may have experienced with other vendors, KentPack offers quantity discounts based on the volume of product ordered. Quantity is a very important factor in our pricing. We will be happy to provide quotes for various quantities, and then you can decide which option is best for you.

2. Design

After agreeing on the specifications of your products and the price, the next step is graphic design. We will prepare a layout by placing your logo and other information on your bespoke product with the colours you requested. If you prefer to do your own designing, we can provide die-cut templates of your chosen packaging products directly to you.

3. Sample

As we mentioned in our Production page, we work with state-of-the-art printing and cutting machines. There are many advantages to having super-fast, big machines - shorter production time, better quality and lower price. There is one disadvantage - making one customized sample. Making one unit can cost us almost as much as making a hundred because of the complexity of the big machines. That is why we hesitate making an exact sample. We are able to offer 3D visual proof, samples of similar items made in the past, and samples of exact size without customized print. These options are all free. If you must have an exact sample, we charge small amount to cover some of our set-up expenses. This amount will be fully or partially refunded after receiving your bulk order. The shipping cost of samples is paid by the customer. Unfortunately, making an exact sample is not possible for twisted paper handled Kraft bags and fabric bags.

4. Placing the Order and First Payment

After confirming the layout, specifications, and artwork; and previewing the sample, it is time to place your order. We will need your full company address and delivery address (if different) to issue a proforma invoice. For new customers, depending upon your credit, we require 30%-50% of the total order amount as advance payment. The balance will be paid upon completion of your order. The turn-around time we provided officially starts on the day we receive your first (advance) payment.

The amount and method of payment may vary depending on product type and quantity. We also accept D/P and L/C payments for large quantities. Please understand that while we value your business and our relationship, there is a risk to us of making products to new businesses with whom we have no previous experience without a security deposit. After doing business and building trust, we can create a payment agreement to make the process more efficient.

5. Last Payment and Shipping

Once the items are produced, we send you pictures and/or samples of the finished products along with an invoice. After you review the product quality and submit the final payment, we ship your products. Regular road freight cargo takes around 8-12 days to Europe. Air cargo is also available for urgent orders. You will be contacted by our shipping department once the products are on their way to organize customs procedures and VAT payment. After your shipment is cleared at customs, your products will be delivered to your address in several days.

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